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European rogaining

Rogaining in Europe

First rogaining events in Europe were held in Czech Republic in 1996. First rogaining event in other european countries was organized: in Ireland – 1998, in Sweden – 1998, in Russia - 1999, in Latvia – 2003, in Lithuania - 2003, in Ukraine - 2004, in Germany – 2006, in Finland – 2007, in France – 2007, in Spain – 2009, in Switzerland – 2010.

History of rogaining in the Czech Republic

Members of the Czech Republic orienteering team, including Jaroslav Kacmarik and Tomas Prokes, participated in the 1990 Most Awesome Rogaine in Alberta as part of the major World Cup programme in western North America that season. In 1996, a group of this sportsmans including Vaclav Zakouril decided to establish an independent sport association and to organize rogaining and mountain orienteering events in the Czech Republic.

In September 1996, the Ceska Asociace Rogainingu was officially founded and the first two events were held in Branzez and Liberec. The following year, the 1st Czech Championship was organized as a 24 hour and 12 hour rogaine under the leadership of Honza Vokurka. This rogaine attracted 45 teams including the eventual winning Czech-Finnish team of Seidl and Kakko (the latter subsequently a world rogaining champion).

An important step in development came when the Ceska Asociace Rogainingu became part of the International Rogaining Federation in 1997. The next year, several Czech members took part in the 3rd World Rogaining Championships in Kamloops, Canada.

In 2002 the 5th World Rogaining Championship was organised by the Czech Rogaining Association and centred on the small village of Lesna, near the western border with Germany. The 10th World Rogaining Championships 2012 will be held in Czech Republic again (competition area including both Czech Republic and Germany terrain).

Rogaining in Estonia

Tallinna Orienteering Club (TAOK) in 1999 organised the first rogaining event in Estonia. Year by year, the number of participants on TAOK Rogaine has steadily increased. From 2000, the rogaine has become the annual key event of the club and a trade mark of TAOK. The largest rogaine attendance in the world, 1157 competitors, was recorded at Jägala-Joa, Estonia in 2007.

In 2005 OK Orion organized the 2nd European Rogaining Championships, which was held 11-12 June 2005 in Nõva near Baltic See coastline in the NW corner of Estonia continental part.

13-14 September 2008 the 8th World Rogaining Championships was held in Estonia in the Karula National Park and surrounding areas. The hash house was located near the visitor center of the Karula National Park in a village Ähijärve, in Võru country in South Estonia.

Rogaining in Ireland

Setanta Orienteering Club has organised a 24 hour rogaine every year since 1998. All rogaines have been held in the Wicklow mountains south of Dublin.

Rogaining in Sweden

Sweden have run a number of 6 hour rogaines since 1998, including in winter months, in the vicinities of Gothenburg in the southwest and Stockholm in the southeast of Sweden. The first 24 hour rogaine was in 2007 with several since then.

Rogaining in Finland

The first 24 hour rogaine in Finland was in 2007 in Jami, then 2008 in Seitseminen. The 6th European Rogaining Championships followed near Yllas north of the Arctic Circle in 2009 under the leadership of Jari Kaaja. However, there is an earlier history of rogaining in Finland started by Timo Sirola who was an exchange student in Australia in the 1990s and wrote about his rogaining experiences. Ossi Autio and Iiro Kakko heard about this and subsequently participated in the World Rogaining Championships in Perth in 1996. Iiro Kakko then teamed with the late Nigel Aylott of Australia to win the 3rd World Rogaining Championships in Canada.

Rogaining in Ukraine

The first rogaine in Ukraine was an overnight 10 hour rogaine near Chernivtsi in 2004. In 2006 the 3rd European Rogaining Championships were held around Chernivtsi in the SW of Ukraine, and the 7th European Rogaining Championships were held for the same Carpathian Mountains near Migovo in 2010. Both ERCs and much of the growth of the sport has been led by Efim Shtempler and his colleagues.

Rogaining in Latvia

Rogaining in Latvia started in 2002, and a second 12 hour rogaine was held in August 2004. In 2007 Latvia hosted the 4th European Championships with 162 teams participating. In 2009, the 5th Latvian Championships led by Guntars Mankus was held in western part of Latvia. Ninety- two teams and 204 competitors participated in a 24 hour event. Latvian teams have performed strongly in World and European Rogaining Championships.

Rogaining in Lithuania

The first rogaine was held in Lithuania in 2003, and since that time regular rogaines have been organised, and Lithuania is represented in World Rogaining Championships. The 9th European Rogaining Championships 2012 will be held in Lithuania.

Rogaining in Germany

Rogaining in Germany is organised around Saxony, and the first «Saxony Rogaine» over 6 and 12 hours was held in 2006. Two years later the first national championship took place as a 24 hour rogaine. Since 2006, the German activities have been coupled with the Czech Association of Rogaining (CAR). The 2nd and 3rd national championships were cross-border competitions involving Germany and Czech Republic. The annual national championships attract between 100 and 150 competitors, and Germany will collaborate with the Czech Republic in organising the 10th World Rogaining Championships in 2012.

Rogaining in France

The first rogaine was organised in France by Bruno Maes in 2007.

Rogaining in Spain

Four 6 hour rogaines have been held in the Catalonia region of Spain since the first one in early 2009 led by Filip Gili.

Rogaining in Russia

See Rogaining in Russia chapter

Rogaining in european countries today

In Europe rogaining is now well established in Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine. Several other european countries are active in rogaining with participants at the World Rogaining Championships and European Rogaining Championships, including: Norway, Great Britain, France, Austria, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Netherlands and Romania.
Rogaining in the Europe