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Russian rogaining

History of Russian Rogaining

Rogaining in Russia started in Perm city under the leadership of German Shestakov.

In 1997, the 65-year-old Shestakov in a team of Perm orienteering veterans went to the USA at the World Veterans Orienteering Cup. Medals, though not conquered, but discover a new sport - Rogaine. The booklet, which German Shestakov brought from the USA, was the calendar of competitions and coordinates the Czech Rogaining Association. German Shestakov has established relations with the сzech rogainers, and then with the International Rogaining Federation, which has included him in its membership as an observer.

Format of Rogaining sport became an interesting for German Shestakov, and he decided to organize rogaining events in the Perm city.

Start of rogaining cultivation in Perm was in 1998, when were held the experimental competition orienteering marathon (35 km - 12 CP) in the vicinity of Perm.

A first rogaining event in Perm were held in 28 - 29 August 1999, as an open city championship in the 24-hour program. In was competed 12 teams. These events were also the first rogaining competition in Russia. 2-3 September 2000 was held the first rogaining championship of the Perm region on the 24-hour program. The competition involved 31 teams from Perm, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Ufa, Novouralsk and one team from the Czech Republic (Tomas Vatslavek and Tomas Zdragal), which became the absolute winner of the competition.

25 - 26 August 2001 in the city of Perm was 1st Open Russian Rogaining Championship in 24 hours format. 40 teams participated from Perm and Perm region, and one team from the Czech Republic - future medalists of the World and European Rogaining Championships - Miroslav Seidl and Petr Boranek, who became the first russian rogaining champions.

In July 2002, German Shestakov organized a participation of the national team of the Perm region, consisting of 11 teams in the 5th World Rogaining Championships in the Czech Republic.

15 - 18 August 2003 in Perm were held the 1st Open European Rogaining Championships, which was attended by 40 teams (84 participants) from Russia, Czech Republic, Finland, Austria and the United States.

Since 2003 rogaining has started to develop in other regions of Russia: Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg, Samara Region (Togliatti).

Since 2005 resumed the annual championships of Russia.

The 5th European Rogaining Championships Championships were held in 2005 at St Petersburg.

In 2006 - 2011 years russian rogainers many times won in European and World Rogaining Championships. Evgeny Dombrovskiy and Pavel Shestakov from Russia overall won the 8th World Rogaining Championships in Estonia in 2008.

Rogaining in Russia today

The Russian rogaining sport has since 2009 grown such that there are now 50 rogaines each year of which 7 are 24 hour rogaines. These events are held around Perm, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Pskov, Tolliatti, Omsk, Ivanovo, Ryazan, Kostroma, Izhevsk, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnoyarsk, St Petersburg, Krasnodar, Moscow and other cities.


Rogaining in Russia